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Patient Testimonials

Read about the great things our patients have had to say about us at Neck & Back Center of Erie in Erie.

I No Longer Take Pain Medications

When I began seeing Dr. Coursen in March of 2020, I was suffering from chronic lower back pain, migraines from a previous neck surgery, and pain in my wrists and arms from carpel tunnel. I was prescribed various types of pain medications that masked my pain at best but never took it fully away. In 3 short months, due to Dr. Coursen’s expertise, wisdom, and adjustments I have not had one migraine. I no longer have to receive steroid shots in my hands for the carpel tunnel. My lower back pain is now under control and I can enjoy activities like hiking that I have otherwise not been able to engage in for the last 3 years. I no longer take pain medications and I am living a happier and much more active life. Thank you Dr. Coursen for your work, commitment to lowering my pain, and your kindness. I feel like me again!

- Renee

I Always Look Forward to Seeing their Smiles

The staff at Neck & Back Center of Erie is so warm and inviting that I always look forward to seeing their smiles when I walk in the door. It didn’t take long for them to all know and greet me by name.

I require chiropractic care for a variety of issues, including chronic migraines, a developmental hip problem, and multiple neck and shoulder injuries that I’ve sustained over the years. Dr. Curt Bannister has done a wonderful job of helping me cope long-term with all of these things, and even enabled my orthopedic doctor to indefinitely delay what was once an impending hip operation.

I also bring my autistic son to the office for treatment, when it is needed, and they are all very patient with him.

The office hours are convenient, including night and weekend availability. They send text reminders to my phone a day in advance, which is always an appreciated perk. They also work closely with my insurance companies, so that I don’t have to spend my time making sure my services are covered.

Maybe best of all, they offer massage therapy services from some of the best in town, at great prices. (Ask for Eric! He’s the man.)

I recommend the Neck and Back Center for anything from a slight crick in your neck to full corrective and therapeutic services following an accident.

- Debra

I Feel Great Now

Dear Dr. Bannister,

I truly want to thank you for helping me out over the years; I feel great now and always recommend you to anyone who asks me about chiropractic treatment. Treatment from you has continued to rid me of my neck pain, which was so bad when I first came to you, that I could not sleep at night. Furthermore my posture improved, and has remained good, from what originally seemed like my hips were rotated. I now also do not have chronic aches in my knees or back muscle tightness. It has been quite a while since my last treatment so that is a testament to your work.

For that I sincerely thank you.

– Jonathan


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