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Meet Our Team

Sonja Bayle, Office Manager

neck-and-back-center-of-erie-sonja-bayleSonja works tirelessly to keep the entire practice on track and running smoothly-We are very lucky to have her as a member of our team! Sonja loves the ability to help others in any way that she can. She enjoys learning new things, setting goals, and achieving those goals-which have helped her over the course of her 30+ year career in the medical field. Sonja enjoys being a part of a practice that’s full of team players, and especially likes working with doctors who practice nonsurgical approaches with natural care remedies. Sonja is always eager to offer wonderful suggestions and ideas to help the practice grow. “I love working with our compassionate doctors who care about their patients and employees. The atmosphere is professional but fun!” – Sonja Outside of the practice, she enjoy spending time outdoors. Boating, gardening, camping, traveling and floating in the pool are just a few ways she is able to enjoy this. She also enjoys a good book and watching her children play sports. She’s is happily married and a mother of four boys, as well as two Yorkie fur babies. Some of her best days are spent with her family making lifelong memories.

Joan Lewis, Front Desk Supervisor

neck-and-back-center-of-erie-joan-lewisJoan is the “steady presence” in our practice, having worked with us for over a decade. Every morning, she has coffee ready for the patients and the entire practice. Joan welcomes everyone with a smile. As she puts it, “I like seeing people feeling better. The end results after their treatment plans are amazing!” Joan enjoys helping patients have a stress-free experience at our practice. She provides them with quick and efficient customer service, helping with varying insurance questions, explaining their benefits and assisting them with claims. Joan believes she found Neck & Back Center of Erie by divine intervention. She was seeking care from our office after unsuccessful treatment with her primary care physician. She found success from chiropractic care, and when a position opened up, she was able to fill it. Joan also enjoys gardening and living every single day to the fullest. She and her husband attend a lot of family functions and visit their son in Virginia when they’re able. Joan is the second oldest of 9 children, and her husband is the oldest of 5! They keep busy, as you can imagine!

Randi Leamer, Front Desk

Randi LeamerRandi is the smiling face our patients see at the front desk when they walk through the door! Randi says that she like working at Neck & Back Center of Erie because we are all treated like family. She enjoys coming to work everyday and seeing all of the patients. “We get to know them personally and that makes a great workplace family.”

Randi is very passionate about people’s wellbeing and health. Life is too short for us to take advantage of the time we do have on earth. She believes everyone should have access to healthcare and specialists like chiropractors and we do that here at the Neck and Back Center of Erie.

When she’s not here at the Neck and Back Center of Erie, people normally find her traveling around the world, booking other people’s vacations and enjoying life with her family.
Randi is one of seven children in her family. She has four sisters and two brothers. She also has wonderful parents and amazing nieces and nephews. She is also married to her wonderful husband of 11 years and they have a beautiful 15 year old daughter.

Randi is a hard working team member, always willing to step up and help out wherever she is needed. She is a loving person and always there to give a hug when someone needs it and a lot of fun to work! We are blessed to have Randi as part of the Neck & Back Center of Erie team!

Michele Clark, Insurance Specialist

Michele ClarkWhen you visit our practice, you may not see Michele, but rest assured, she’s a valuable part of our team! Michele works remotely from her home in Texas and began working with us in 2013. When she started, she was living in Erie, but moved a couple of years ago. She provides such a wonderful service to patients that we just couldn’t lose her! When Michele interviewed with us, she felt so comfortable and immediately knew it would be an amazing fit. “I’ve enjoyed working for Dr. Bannister and Dr. Coursen, both of whom are such kind and caring chiropractors. They are both passionate about helping their patients and the entire community live drug-free, pain-free lives with chiropractic care!” Michele is passionate about keeping her family away from pharmaceuticals, and working in the chiropractic field helps her maintain the best and most recent information on natural healthcare. Michele is deeply fascinated with crystals and stones, and she loves to research natural remedies for “anything and everything!” Outside of the practice, Michele enjoys spending time with her family, going to the Peninsula, grabbing wings at the local Fiddle Inn, riding her bicycle, paddle boarding and spending as much time outdoors as possible. She has three adult children-Craig, Emily and Amelia. She also has three ‘fur kids’-toy Poodles who are more spoiled than any of her actual children were! Though Michele enjoys visiting Erie a few times a year, she makes sure to stay away when it snows!

Susan McGuire, Chiropractic Assistant

Susan McGuireSusan was looking for a change in career and life when she moved to Erie in 2021 from New Castle. Even though Susan did not have a background in health care, we were all pleasantly surprised at how fast Susan learns! She is one of the best chiropractic assistants that we have hired in over 20 years. She is quiet but don’t let that fool you, she has a great sense of humor so we all love working with her. Susan is very caring with the patients when working one on one with them helping the doctors with their treatment plans. Our patients enjoy conversation with Susan and her caring way during their time at the clinic. Susan has a son who is an EMT and a daughter who is a consultant. Her significant other is an Erie Native and he has 7 children of his own which keep them busy. Susan enjoys photography, glass collecting, hiking and walking the Erie beaches when not at work. We are all thankful for Susan’s good work ethic as part of the Neck & Back Center of Erie team!

Denise Baumann, Chiropractic Assistant

Denise Baumann
Denise Baumann is a wonderful addition to the Neck and Back Center of Erie team as she is a very nurturing person and loves taking care of the patients. She comes from a loving family and has always enjoyed caring for her family which is a good fit for working with our patients. In addition to caring for people, when Denise is not at work, she loves gardening and growing flowers and plants. She also loves taking care of her animals. Denise was pursuing a career where she could use her strengths when she applied for the chiropractic assistant position at our clinic. When she spoke to our office manager, Sonja, Denise instantly thought Sonja was amazing and knew the job was for her. Denise’s interests when not at work, also include cooking and spending time with her husband, daughters and grandchildren! The Neck and Back Center of Erie staff love Denise’s fun nature and light hearted spirit. She is dedicated to her work yet makes work fun at the same time. We are so happy she joined our team!

Kelly Ogrodowczyk, Chiropractic Assistant

Kelly OgrodowczykKelly came to work for the Neck & Back Center of Erie in summer of 2024. She knew it was meant to be when she walked into the clinic for her first interview and felt like she was right at home. She felt a very calm and inviting atmosphere which is exactly how Kelly is with our patient’s calm and caring! Kelly also describes herself as a nurturer wanting to care for anyone that she see who is in need. What Kelly likes about working at the Neck and Back Center of Erie is that the practice is very family oriented and all of her co-workers are team players and very willing to help each other when needed.

When Kelly is not at work, you might find her sitting on her front porch relaxing with a cup of hot tea or taking a ride with her husband on their motorcycle. She also enjoys gardening and spending time with her family. Kelly is the oldest of 4 (1 sister and 2 brothers). She’s been married for 41 years and has 3 kids (1 boy and 2 girls). Kelly also has 4 grandchildren. We love Kelly’s calm presence and steady work ethic here at our clinic and are grateful to have her as part of our team!

Cristal Underwood, Accounting

Cristal UnderwoodCristal’s smile and calm peaceful presence are what draw you to her. She is so light hearted and fun to work with! Cristal handles all of the accounting aspects and needs for the Neck and Back Center of Erie and does it with precision.

What Cristal likes about working at the Neck and Back Center of Erie is the people that she works with, her schedule flexibility and all of the happy faces that she sees on a daily basis. She says that she chose to work here because she loved the calm environment and the fact that not only were her co-workers super friendly but that they treated each other like family.

Cristal is from Erie, born and raised, she has one sister and her dad has been an antique dealer for over 50 years, her mom was a photographer. She also has a grown daughter, Meg, who works in pediatric healthcare and is also a volunteer firefighter. Additionally, she has 3 extra sons and a daughter through her blended marriage, as well as 3 grandbabies. She and her husband have known each other for over 17 years and have been married for 7 years. When she is not here at the Neck and Back Center of Erie, you will find her writing! Cristal and her husband have written 2 young adult, mystery and fiction books that promote anti-bullying and they stress that being different is better than being ordinary. They are also working on a 3rd book in the series. She is also writing a children’s picture book. Cristal is also a fan of live theatre through the local playhouse. She also loves her 2 golden retrievers. Lastly, a couple of fun facts about Cristal, she has a passion for silly socks, flavored coffee and filling her house with plants!

We can’t say enough about how much we love having Cristal on board with our Neck & Back Center of Erie team!


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